Online credits are granted completely online, without worrying about security, they are types of loans that your request is made only online.

We are in the XXI century, where it is increasingly common to perform all our operations through a computer or from a device with Internet access, either from the purchase of products to service payments. By finding a way to make these transactions through a much faster and easier process and that this is done without having to go to a specific point, we are sure that we have found a better way to do these procedures, without having to compromise the carrying out other activities during the day. For this reason and not to be left behind while technology and new ways of communicating change we offer online credits that guarantee you get your money quickly and safely without the need to make long lines.


With the aim that as our client you have a better experience with our loan service, making an application online, allows you to save a lot of time not only in journeys and ranks, but also in the search for documents and requirements, since everything can be done From the comfort of your home or office. All you need is to have a computer with internet access, you must fill out a form and send your application; There is no loan process as quick and easy as ours.


Now, most of us know the “normal” process of a credit application and all the requirements it needs, from long lines to innumerable paperwork. For this reason and thinking about the effectiveness, comfort, safety and speed, Zinobe has created a product that has been designed and thinking of you, in your need to access online credit services and to be connected with this new style of life that you carry today, where there is no “time to lose”. For this reason when making your credit application you should not go to any office, nor send any kind of document, simply enter our platform and comply with the essential requirements that are:


Have an address in Colombia.

Be of age.

Have an email account to which we can send you all the required information.

Provide a cell phone number that you use frequently and for personal use.

Provide an active bank account number either savings or current that is in your name.

Once in our platform select the value to request and the date of payment, diligence the form verifies the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you must cancel and wait a few minutes, if your request is approved after one business day you will be disbursed personal account which you supplied in the form. When you obtain your credit you must bear in mind that you must cancel the whole of this in a period not exceeding 30 days fr


oN the date of application, since this is the commitment you acquire with us since you decide to use our services.


So that you can continue counting on our services, it is important that you demonstrate that you have a good payment activity, since it depends on your good behavior reflected in future loans.


By having a good payment behavior with online credits , Lineru gives you discount codes of up to 50% for the cancellation of your next loan online and likewise for the same good payment behavior, you can request increases in the quota that you was initially approved, which are carried out by the system gradually.