The financial history is not necessary to apply for a credit on the internet.  The lineru system allows you to create a credit history.

Not having a financial history should no longer be a concern, with Lineru acquiring that money you need without needing a bureau

The loans bureau are financial services that do not need to have a credit or financial history when making your request. Various entities grant these products in order to give their clients an opportunity in the financial world. It is a benefit that is increasingly seen thanks to digital credit platforms.


What is a credit bureau?


What is a credit bureau?

It is all the information that appears when you make a credit application; from your financial history, the information of your credit purchases or other requests, to the personal data related to your financial requests. That is, no matter what type of financial product you have taken, you already have a credit bureau.




Who takes care of the information of my financial history?


Who takes care of the information of my financial history?

This information is quite delicate and can make you wonder. Can anyone know my information in the bureau? but do not worry, the answer is: No . All the information recorded in your credit history is completely confidential and can only be accessed by companies that are affiliated with the credit database, and it is a process that is done with your consent to do the study.


Your financial information is kept in our country by the Habeas Data law or privacy and data processing policies, which prevents anyone from accessing your personal or financial information without your prior authorization.


For the case of your financial information, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) is in charge of protecting the fundamental right of each citizen with the “Habeas Data”, which allows you to have knowledge of your information, as well as rectify or update your data. In addition, it allows you to change your status in the credit bureaus once you have met the deadline set with your report.


Where can I apply for loans without a burea?

In most cases, the financing companies request to have a history in the credit bureau . But in Lineru it is not necessary to have this information, for this reason the credits that we offer in our platform are credits without a bureau . If you wish to access the service or make your credit application, you must only meet these requirements.


Requirements to apply for a loan without a burea

To start your application you just have to take into account the following requirements:


Be of legal age and Colombian resident.

Have active email where you can receive information.

Have a cell phone number where we can communicate with you.

Owning a bank account registered in your name, can be savings or current.

In addition to these it is important to keep in mind that the process of applying for your credit is completely online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of your home or office .



How to apply for a loan without a bureau?


To start your application, you can go to ww.lineru.com, by clicking on the button “REQUEST YOUR CREDIT” you can start your process in which in less than 15 minutes the system will give you an answer . If your application is approved, the disbursement is made in maximum one business day directly in the account you provided at the signing of the contract. The payment must be made in the time you chose (maximum 30 days) and you can make it effective through Online Payments (PSE), via Baloto, Exito, Carulla or Surtimax.


Additionally, we would like to notify you that the request for personal data on our platform is made in accordance with the ‘Habeas Data’ personal information management laws of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC). For this reason you can count on all the security at the moment of requesting your credit without bureaucracy .