Cleopar loans are among the most requested in Italy for the implementation of medium-level projects, such as the purchase of a vehicle, appliances, furniture, home renovation, solar panels. This Italian financial company, belonging to the Medibank group, offers you the possibility to apply for a personal loan of up to 30,000 euros at advantageous and personalized terms. As a customer, you have the opportunity to always choose the best combination between the amount of the installment and the duration of the loan.

How to apply for a loan?

You can make an appointment at one of over 170 points of sale in Italy or go online. Take a look at the commercial offer (we will shortly report the best proposals) and simulates the amount of the installment and the duration of the amortization plan. If you feel satisfied with the conditions, you can fill in the appropriate form, entering your personal data and attaching the required documents. In particular:

  • an identity document with validity
  • the tax code card or alternatively the regional service card
  • the last payroll if you are a salaried employee, the only model if you are a self-employed person or a pension coupon if you are a retired person. In the latter case, the receipts of INPS payments are also fine.

The Cleopar staff will check your loan application and decide whether to accept it. Response times are reduced to the lowest end. If successful, the amount requested will be debited by check or bank transfer directly to your current account, at best, already in the day.


You can apply for a personal loan if you are an Italian or foreign citizen and resident in Italy and if you are between the ages of 18 and 70 living in Italy. If you are a foreigner, you must be resident in Italy for at least 1 year and your residence permit must be valid.

Loan Guide 

In terms of personal loans, finalized loans and loans at favorable conditions, the Cleopar offer is truly varied. It’s up to you to choose which commercial proposal is the one most in line with your actual needs. Here are some.

  • Easy : you can build your loan installment in the first person based on your needs. This is the basic commercial proposal of Cleopar, since you can not change the amount of the installment in progress. The advantage? The installment is always constant for the entire duration of the repayment schedule.
  • Easy Jum p: the option known as an installment jump. You can skip up to 5 times the payment of the installment, completely free and when you consider it appropriate. The repayment of the installments will be queued at the end of the payment.
  • Easy Change : the option known as change of installment is all about the possibility of reducing a maximum of 5 times the amount of the installment at no additional cost and when you want. The duration of the loan, as you can guess, will be extended.
  • Easy Flex : the non plus ultra in terms of flexibility and customization. This commercial proposal combines the features of the “Easy Jump” and “Easy Flex” offers. You have the option to skip or reduce the amount of the installment up to 5 times during the payment.
  • Mini Credit : if you want to have available liquidity reserves, maximum autonomy and full freedom in expenses, this type of loan is just what you need. The money reserve of 1,500 euros allows you to realize a small desire.



How is the liquidity reserve rebuilt? Taking into account the fact that this remains always available, the reconstruction takes place via automatic repayment via installments. These are fixed and small and range from 50 to 100 euros a month. This formula, in fact, allows you to better monitor all your expenses. For example, if you request a mini credit of 500 euros, you can repay it with 12 comfortable monthly installments of 50 euros. The amount due to the customer will be equal to 577.14 euros.